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Runners: Eliminate your Chronic Low Back Pain Forever and Get Back to Running

The chronic low back pain, all started with a simple every day movement. OK, maybe not all that simple. I bent down to move my couch.

Perhaps I should have asked for help. The best way I can describe the feeling that I experienced as I attempted to hoist the couch to a separate corner of my living room is red hot searing lower back pain that radiated all around my hips, upper thighs and butt.

I hate that feeling. As an avid triathlete, endurance runner, swimmer and cyclist, I automatically know that despite common low back pain remedies, I could be laid up for days, maybe even weeks.

Have you ever had this happen? Not only does a stupid injury like lower back pain completely eliminate your potential for running, swimming, cycling but to make matters worse, you wake up stiff for weeks, it takes forever to "warm-up" sufficiently for the low back pain to subside, then you risk stepping wrong during a run or mis-shifting your weight in the saddle during a bike and starting the long, nasty cycle all over again!

Are you Experiencing the Same Debilating Chronic Low Back Pain ?

For the past decade that I�ve spent as an endurance athlete coach, dozens of my cyclists and runners have experienced this very same debilitating low back pain that limits power production on the bicycle and stride length or push-off while running. Sometimes the origin of lower back pain is slightly mysterious, and sometimes cannot not be traced back to a single episode of acute injury. And sometimes the pain was a result of a single injury, such as straining the back while moving a heavy piece of furniture.

Like that freaking couch. The severe low back pain after this injury never seems to completely disappear, at least not until after I discovered some important secrets about treating low back pain.

But I'll get to those later. First, let me be a little more specific about how this injury actually manifests itself...

The best way I can describe the lower back pain is a slightly radiating discomfort, typically located on just one side.

The lower back pain isn't so bad that you can't do anything. It is just annoying and it slows you down. When cycling and running or performing other repetitive motion sports, you usually experience a feeling of weakness and nerve tingling on the outside of the knee, only on one side or the other.

As I struggled through weeks of low back pain, I personally started to keep a LIST of when the symptoms actually presented themselves. The pain and slight weakness or tingling tended to manifest most significantly during the following situations :

Fortunately, certain activities always seemed to slightly relieve the back pain (although occasionally they actually seemed to aggravate it). So I made a second LIST. These activities included :

Lower Back Pain Remedies I Coached My Athletes

Typically, myself and the athletes that I coach could actually make a popping sensation that came from the low back when twisting from side to side or performed a lying rotational back stretch. Sometimes this temporarily alleviated the pain.

But I'm not personally a physician. So for many years, I simply coached my athletes through the pain, allowing them to manage the discomfort with exercises, chiropracty, acupuncture, massage, and a stiff upper lip. And I did the same. This lower back pain exercises just seemed to make sense, since it never seemed like there was a clear and concise way to cure or eliminate the pain.

It was frustrating! Have you ever wanted to go for a nice long swim without feeling back pain every time you push off the wall or reach too hard?

Have you ever wanted to be able to run on a hard surface for more than 2 miles without experiencing tightness, jarring, and eventually pure and simple low back pain or hip pain?

This type of discomfort severely affected my training and race performance. Desperate to heal my body, I began to research the type of symptoms I was experiencing, speaking with low back pain treatment specialists chiropractors, physical therapists, and sport medicine professionals. I learned everything I could about the low back joint, including...

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction....
Sciatica nerve....
Piriformis syndrome....

I learned that the sacroiliac joints are considered a source of most lower back pain, and compression of the pelvis or an asymmetry of the hips resulted in joint dysfunction and subsequent pain. Compression of the pelvis occurs in the seated position, and rotation of the hips occurs in both cycling and running, and both can be the cause of low back pain. An especially significant correlation is noted between low back pain and lack of internal hip rotation mobility.

The development of asymmetry in the hips and improper muscle lengths in the hip rotator muscles can be caused by frequently assumed postures, like sitting for long periods or time or being bent over on a bicycle for hours in the saddle.

This was important to know, and a key to the secret of fixing the low back pain. Here's why:

Typically, these type of positions cause the lateral rotation muscles to shorten and the medial rotation muscles to lengthen, and often one side is affected more than the other. When the lateral rotation muscles shorten, the entire hip bone is pulled posteriorly towards the shortened side, thus causing nerve pain that originates from the sacroiliac joint and can even aggravate the sciatic nerve. This pain is aggravated even more during the powerful hip extension movement of cycling and running, during the high compressive spinal forces produced when seated, and during a seated cross-legged position, when the lateral rotation muscles on one side are shortened even further.

Voila! Now we're on to something!

I hunted down one very excellent resource that talked about this "Rotation", and I studied it from cover-to-cover. It was a book entitled "The Malalignment Syndrome", by Wolf Schamberger, and it not only confirmed much of the information I had already acquired, with a very thorough description of low back pain, biomechanical malalignment and improperly rotated hips. But the book was very large, over 450 pages, and I couldn�t simply tell my athletes to read the book and figure out how to fix lower back pain. And I couldn�t exactly tuck it under my arm and bring it to the gym every day.

But I read it.

Everything was coming together.

It was like a giant puzzle, and the pieces were finally creating a picture that I could understand...

Using everything that I learned from the great big book, I began to design and perfect a series of low back pain remedies and exercises and stretches for low back pain to fix my low back pain.

It wasn't easy. Depending on which side of your hips are rotated, you have to adjust each exercise or stretch accordingly, and it took hours and hours of practice to actually figure out what actually worked.

But I kept at it.

Then I set about testing my own methods and theories. For 4 weeks, on at least four to five days of each week, I performed the exact exercises for low back pain that I invented. The exercises and remedies for low back pain that I designed was gleaned from the most practical and immediately usable information in the big book, combined with all the tricks and tips from my research and discussions with medical professionals.

My little exercise for low back pain took about 15-20 minutes every morning, and I would simply do it after 5 minutes of light cardio to warm the muscles, like walking down the driveway, out to my mailbox and back.

Good news !

My low back pain began to disappear. My back quit popping. The weakness and tingling in the side of the leg while running and cycling slowly subsided. Suddenly I was starting to feel...NORMAL!

And it wasn't just "relief". I actually felt..."repaired".

So I began suggesting the exercises for low back pain to my athletes, prescribing for them the very same routine, with exact instructions on how to perform each stretch or exercise, and exact instructions to perform the routine every weekday for the next month, and even some videos that showed them how to do the exercises.

I was blown away by what happened next.

Within 1 month of doing this exercise, every athlete had not only reduced or completely cured their low back pain, but the power meter on the bicycle and the lap splits on the run were suddenly showing PR�s! The pain had disappeared and as some kind of strange and unexplicable bonus, all the athletes had gotten faster!

And better yet, rather than engaging in repeated chiropractic visits and weekly manual adjustments, these athletes were finding that their hips stayed in proper adjustment and the sacroiliac related joint dysfunction was eliminated.

This was definitely worth sharing.

So I took all the videos of the exercises and stretches and put them onto the internet.

Then, I wrote the exact step-by-step low back pain fixing routine, a "Re-Alignment" of the hips, into an easy-to-understand manual, and packed it into an instantly accessible electronic book entitled �Run With No Pain�...

But it doesn't stop there.

You see, in order for the changes to become permanent, there must be a strengthening effect. Some type of concrete foundation must be present for your hips to remain in proper alignment.

So to follow up the"Re-Alignment" phase, I also developed a complete, step-by-step 12 week system entitled"Foundation", which ensures that you will not need to re-visit your frustrating lower back pain ever again.

In other words, this is the last solution to hip malrotation and low back pain that you will ever need!

So that's the story of how I fixed my low back pain, and provided exercises and remedies for all the athletes that I coach, and now for you, to eliminate low back pain. The downloadable book "Run With No Pain" is the official, easy and practical step-by-step exercise routine for treating low back pain in athletes and includes over 30 exercise videos that teach you exactly how to implement each section of the program.

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